The Perfect Two Strand Twist Out


A black person with two strand twists

Okay so boom! Today, we are going to extensively be talking about how to get a fail-proof two-strand twist. There are three simple options.

  1. Deep Conditioner
  2. Leave-in Conditioner
  3. Twist cream or loc gel

Deep conditioners are awesome for laying down the base of a great twist out. It’s best to find one that activates your curls; your leave-in conditioner will take care of the rest. Your twist and loc cream or gel is good for sealing in curls and keeping them coiled for longer periods of time.

Your twist results also depend on the size of your twists. Small sections result in tight coils and definition with less volume. Medium sections will have more volume and a little less definition, while larger sections will have the most volume, they will also have the least definition.

For best results, if your right hand is your dominant hand, twist from right to left. If the adverse is true, reverse to twisting from left to right. Take a section, as explained above. Choose your section size based on the desired results described. Divide that section again into two parts or “strands” and cross one over the other. Try to bend your strand while you are crisscrossing so your twist have a smooth rope finish.

If you’re left-handed and you found the first method difficult, you can try twirling each strand before crossing them over each other for a frizz-free finish. If your twists unravel before you finish twisting them, then that is an indication that you are not twisting them together firmly enough.

If you use the three aforementioned products and either of the above techniques, when twisting your hair out, your curls will be well-defined and fail proof. Always wear a head covering such as a silk scarf, du-rag, wave cap or bonnet to protect your hair against breakage and moisture loss. Typically, the longer you let your twist-out “sit” the more your curls will pop when you finally take them out. One would recommend that you at least leave the twists in overnight and take them out the next day. Not only will “sleeping on them,” as “they” say, make your curls more dramatic, but they will also be at their "freshest" if you take them out before you start your day. Now go kill ‘em sis!






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