Hair growth – The Breakdown


Did you know that when you were born, you were born with all the hair follicles you will ever have – ever? This number is around five million, give or take, according to American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). Only 100, 000 follicles are on your scalp. In reality, we lose anywhere from about 50 to 100 strands of hair per day!

Hair grows from a root at a follicle at the bottom of the skin on the scalp. The hemoglobin in your scalp travels to the follicle and gives oxygen and nutrients to the root of the hair; which aids hair growth. As hair grows, it pushes through the skin and passes by an oil gland. It’s the oil from this very gland that produces soft and shiny hair. The more you know.

While genetics play a major role in how long and healthy your hair can grow, this is unfortunately something we can’t control. Luckily, there are several other controllable factors that we can put into play. Although, there is no one size fits all remedy that causes growth instantly, there are steps you can take to promote healthy hair growth.

Let’s take a look a some tips that can help your hair grow fast and strong:

Eat a Well-balanced Diet

Protein boost hair growth - simple enough, right?

Take Vitamins and Use Essential Oils

Biotin, Zinc, Iron, Omeg-3, 6 and Vitamins C, D, and E are all said to have powerful growth properties. However, you should always consult a licensed physician to select what’s best for you.

Rosemary oil is a great place to start in terms of essential oils. The active ingredient is Rogaine, which has been known to restore hair growth.

Go Easy on Hair Color and Heat

When you dye your hair, straighten or curl it, you change the texture with the chemicals and heat. These processes can put stress on the hair and cause it to break. If you must use color and heat, make sure you consult a licensed cosmetologist about the period of time you should wait in between color changes and use heat protectants when applying heat.

When all else Fails, There’s Always Hair Products

If you’re specifically concerned about hair loss or have extreme difficulty getting your hair to grow, you may want to try Bronner Brothers Coconut Oil & Argan Hydrating Growth Oil  or Virgin Hair Fertilizer.

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