How to Battle with Dandruff – and Win


A picture of the top of someones head from the forhead up who has Dandruff

Dry, flaky scalp can be a real mood killer when trying to activate ultimate baddie status. Have you ever gotten dressed to the “T,” and beat your face to the Gods, just for you to put on that little sexy black dress and see the snow fall in the dead of summer? Yes, you guessed it; we’re talking about the infamous Dandruff. Only second to the villainous deodorant stains, Dandruff is notorious for ruining a great outfit. Dry scalp, product build up and genetics are just some of the many causes that can onset this pesky skin condition.

One best kept secret weapon against the war against Dandruff is a good ol’ shampoo bar. Shampoo bars are good for all hair types and hair lengths; they are typically an all-in-one hair care solution. Shampoo Bars clean and moisturize your hair. The majority of shampoo bars are all natural and don’t contain harmful chemicals but be sure to always check the label! Chemical compounds listed as SLS and SLES can cause dry, itchy and irritated scalp; which is exactly what we’re trying to steer clear of.

Have no fear, Obia Shampoo bars are here! The key to combatting Dandruff is to properly cleanse and hydrate the scalp. Obia Shampoo bars  are intensely moisturizing shampoo bars that will leave your hair feeling hydrated, soft and conditioned. The Shea Butter moisturizer intensely penetrates your scalp and hair, while the Coconut Oil protects your hair from chemical and heat damage. The sulfate-free shampoo will gently cleanse without stripping your hair and scalp of its natural oils.

There are also a number of natural remedies you can try as an additional line of defense against Dandruff. Common natural remedies include, but are not limited to, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, vodka, coconut oil, eucalyptus, lemon juice and mouthwash. All of these remedies more so mask symptoms of Dandruff rather than get to the root cause so you still want to consult with a dermatologist in order to tackle the issue head on.

When it comes to treating Dandruff, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Moisturizer is your best friend. Luckily Obia has you covered there as well. OBIA Curl Moisture Cream immerses your curls deeply treatment that will repair and reconstruct all hair textures and hair types.

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